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Cara started agility in 2006 with her Golden Retriever Zak who taught her the fundamentals of agility... to have fun! She quickly became competitive and soon after rescued Sam, her first Border Collie.

Cara and Sam competed at Crufts each year as part of the Young Kennel Club in Agility, Obedience and Flyball! Since then, two more collies have joined her household - Chase & Ellie who are both competing at Championship Level at Kennel Club.  

Cara competed at Olympia in 2021 and represented Team UK in 2022 in Italy with Chase. 

Cara has been teaching agility for over 10 years, her patience and people skills are paramount for being a successful trainer, ensuring that agility remains fun for everyone. Years of experience allows her to adapt lessons based on individual needs as we know competing isn't for everyone and each person has their own goals! Cara has taught students from their first agility lesson all the way through to their first Championship class. 

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