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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions. Professional Answers.

Is my puppy too young to start agility?

No, your puppy is never to young to start agility foundations.

Foundations are done away from any equipment, are safe for any dog and a great way to start your agility journey. 

We do not start any puppy under the age of 10 months on agility equipment. 

Can I give you my dog to teach agility with?

Agility is an activity for dog and handler. We encourage you to participate in agility with your dog and learn together. If we were to teach your dog independently you would not have the skills required to support your dog on a course. 

Which of your services is right for me?

This is a very personal choice, if you need help deciding please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Can I share a private lesson?

Yes, you can share an hour private lesson with another person of the same household (eg, partner or parent), however if you would like to share with a friend, this would need to be booked as a Small Private Group Lesson. 

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